Project development plan and roadmap

According to the plan of the top team, after the market launch, NTC will begin to be widely distributed for users around the globe to hold.

* During the first share contribution phase (block 1), Android and IOS applications will be launched.

* During the second contribution phase (block 2), Newtech will launch the NFT Gaming.

* After the end of the third contribution period (Block 3), it will be listed on Crypto exchanges. At the same time, Newtech Center will be upgraded to a decentralized exchange.

* A limited amount of free distributed NTC digitization stakes are mined on early-stage ecosystems for the fastest user generation. With the perfect development policy and plan. It is expected that NTC will be bought and mined quickly before listing on exchanges.

This will be one of the most promising and potential Crypto projects in the period from 2022 to 2025 for investors who love Crypto and Blockchain technology.