Overview Introduction

1. What is Newtech (NTC)?
Newtech is a new technology project co-founded by a large IT team with members including Canadian, Australian, British and Vietnamese,…Newtech is a 5-in-1 ecosystem including a Social Network, an E-Commerce Platform, News and Investment Academy, Cryptocurrency Exchange, and Newtech NFT Gaming. Newtech uses the latest technology platforms such as Blockchain, AI, Metaverse, Cloud Computing,… to solve the problems of decentralized database transmission, data security, connecting users using Blockchain Technology. At the same time, it is oriented to bring the most novel and convenient experience to users with a multi-field ecosystem. The orientation of the founders is to develop an ecosystem that brings value to users around the world.

2. How does Newtech work?
Currently, the Newtech project has launched and put into operation the first four ecosystems they are:
Newtech Center: A distributed center to digitize user shares through Blockchain technology. Newtech Center will be upgraded to a Digital Exchange after completing the stages of digitization of shares. Here users can exchange and trade thousands of digital assets such as BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT,… (including NTC).

Newtech Social (Decentralized Social Network): In addition to bringing most of the features of existing social networks. Newtech Social’s goal is to solve user data security problems by applying Blockchain technology; the dilemma that social network users face today is uncontrollable data theft. Newtech Social is also the first social network globally that allows users to hold project shares (NTC) by routine activities to exploit NTC such as posting status, like, share, comment, etc… And also, Newtech allows users to send gifts to each other with NTC digitalized share conversion values.

Newtech Market: In addition to the standard features that popular e-commerce platforms are developing. Newtech Market is a multi-functional combination that helps users shop for all products and services or easily search for any location. Businesses and store owners can sell goods, services, promote business information, administrative units, tourist attractions, and all services. Newtech Market also allows users to hold digital shares of NTC when posting booths. First physical stores or locations during the initial stages of staking digitization, helping Newtech Market cover the stalls for users to shop and search. At the same time, stall owners can also own internal shares of NTC in the early stages of the project.

Newtech Academy (Online financial student): A place that provides users with all knowledge about all financial investment sectors, including Real Estate, Securities, Stocks, Crypto, Forex, Startup… Newtech Academy also is the most complete, fast, and accurate global financial news update site. Here, users can earn NTC digital shares by signing up for a Writing Contributor and posting quality articles with governance-approved investment knowledge content.

The special thing is that all the above ecosystems will be in the same App. Bringing the best experience to users in the digital age.