Newtech Terms and Agreement

These NewTech Terms of Use is entered into between you (hereinafter referred to as “you” or “your”) and NewTech operators (as defined below. By joining Newtech, you accept the following terms:

Article 1: Interpretation of words
1. Agreement: This is the Agreement to use the Newtech account and all amendments, supplements, updates voluntarily without any coercion.
2. Payment gateways in Newtech platform: These are payment gateways through Blockchain and Visa networks… Accordingly, allowing customers to use their bank accounts or cryptocurrencies to pay for their performances. Newtech.
3. Newtech App: is a free application that allows people to interact, text, and call unlimitedly on the Internet through iOS, Android,… and personal computers.
4. Newtech ID: An account ID to access and use accounts at Newtech’s ecosystems.
5. User/User: is the Newtech account holder.
6. Newtech Company: NewtechCenter Joint Stock Company (NTC), is the governing body of Newtech.
7. Identity Papers: An identification document as prescribed in this Regulation is one of the following: Identity card, Passport, Driving license or equivalent papers.
8. Personal Information: This is information associated with identifying an individual’s identity, including name, age, address, identity card number, phone number, email address, account user’s bank account, Blockchain account, and other information required by law.
9. Intellectual Property: means all inventions, designs, utility solutions, copyrights, know-how, trade secrets, trademarks, service marks, packaging, and any other intellectual property rights additional game-related or technical information.

Article 2: Acceptance of terms and amendments
1. To access and use the services at Newtech, the User must agree to and abide by the terms set out in this Agreement and other regulations and regulations that NewtechCenter promulgates, links, and integrates with, including but not limited to:
2. To meet users’ needs, NewtechCenter is constantly improving and developing products and services, so the terms of this Agreement can be updated and edited without needing prior notice to the User. NewtechCenter will clearly announce the forum on the Website about those changes and additions.

Article 3: Prohibited content of users when using Newtech. It is forbidden for the User to take advantage of the use of the product for:
1. Against the State and the provisions of International law and the laws of the States; Causing harm to national security, social order, and safety; Undermining the unity of the whole people; Propagating wars of aggression and terrorism; Causing hatred and conflicts among ethnic groups, ethnic groups, and religions;
2. Propagate and incite violence, lewdness, debauchery, crimes, social evils, superstition, and sabotage the good customs and traditions of ethnic groups.
3. Absolutely no provocative discussions on political issues.
4. Disclosing state secrets, military secrets, security, economic, foreign affairs, and other secrets prescribed by international and national laws.
5. Disseminating information that distorts, slanders, or offends the organization’s reputation, the honor, and dignity of the individual.
6. Advertising, propagating, trading in prohibited goods and services; and Disseminating journalistic, literary, artistic, and published works is prohibited.
7. Illegally obstructing, disrupting, or sabotaging the national domain name server system, equipment system providing Internet services and information on the network; Obstructing organizations and individuals from accessing information and using legal services on the Internet.
8. Illegally using passwords, cryptographic keys of organizations and individuals, private information, personal information, and Internet resources.
9. Forging organizations and individuals and spreading fake and untrue information online infringing upon organizations and individuals’ legitimate rights and interests.
10. Creating unauthorized links to domain names of organizations and individuals. Create, install and distribute malware and computer viruses; illegally infiltrate, gain control of information systems, create attack tools on the Internet.
11. Do not use any programs, tools, or other forms to interfere with Newtech’s products.
12. Distributing, spreading, or promoting any activities to interfere, destroy or infiltrate the data of the provided products or the server system.
13. Unauthorized login or attempt to log in illegally or cause damage to the server system.
14. Acts and attitudes that damage the reputation of Newtech’s products in any form or method.
15. Organizing betting, gambling, or agreements related to money, cash, and kind.
16. Refuse to cooperate with the investigation or fail to provide information at Newtech’s request.
17. Advertising adversely affects the sanctity of the National Flag, National Emblem, National Anthem, national heroes, cultural celebrities, leaders, and leaders of the State.
18. Advertising with improper goods and services; incorrect address of production, business, or service establishments.
19. Advertisements that defame, compare or cause confusion with other people’s production, business, goods, or service establishments; using the name or image of another organization or individual to advertise without the consent of that organization or individual.
20. Advertising drugs that have not been granted registration or have expired registration have been removed from the list of drugs permitted for use; the drug has been registered but has been suspended from circulation; medical equipment is not allowed to be used, medical services are not allowed to be performed in the countries.
21. Other goods and services banned from trading in accordance with international and national laws.

Article 4: Limitation of Liability and Disclaimer of Warranty:
1. Newtech will not be responsible for any problems when there are system errors or transmission errors during your service use.
2. In case of force majeure, including but not limited to, the application platform has technical problems; server problems; transmission line problems, or natural disasters. v. v. You must accept the risks and damages, if any. Newtech is committed to minimizing the risks and damages incurred, but Newtech will not bear any responsibility arising in these cases.
3. If there is a risk, damage in the event of force majeure, including but not limited to technical problems, server problems, transmission line problems or natural disasters. etc. Although the User agrees that Newtech is exempt from liability in the above cases in accordance with the provisions of the law, we commit to doing our best to minimize the risks and damages incurred to the User. Use.
4. Newtech has the right to refuse to run any advertisement if it is not suitable without providing a reason.

Article 5: Content of services on Newtech:
1. Newtech agrees to provide the service, and the User agrees to use advertising services through the website system, electronic news site developed by Newtech and has the full right to exploit, use, or the Party’s website. Third, Newtech is granted the right to exploit Newtech’s advertising services.
2. Usage of advertising services: Users create a budget by depositing money into their advertising account through payment gateways. Users create detailed ads on the form and objectives to use advertising services in accordance with their needs. After creating an ad, the User proceeds to submit the content to Newtech’s system; the content will be posted on the ad or returned to the User to edit to comply with advertising laws and regulations. The system will gradually deduct the amount directly from the User’s account when the advertisement starts to be served.
3. Recommend advertising services: Users recharge their accounts, create ads, and post content.
4. Accept the offer of advertising services: after the User creates an ad and posts the content, Newtech will review the content. Advertising content is accepted when it does not violate the prohibitions, and Newtech ID has enough budget to fulfill the order. The advertising time is counted when the advertising content is approved, activated and the system will send a notification about the User’s Newtech via the mailbox on Newtech ID.
5. Payment: via Blockchain or Visa card according to the instructions and usage regulations of Newtech.
6. Currency used is NTC, electronic currencies, and fiat money via Visa card.

Article 6: Newtech’s rights and obligations:
1. Provide services in accordance with the content and time limit prescribed by international law and each country.
2. Quickly resolve User complaints about service quality. The settlement time is twenty-four (24) hours from the date of receipt of the notice or complaint from the User; in case if Newtech cannot resolve it within the committed time, Newtech must notify the User of the Expected processing time.
3. Instruct the User to strictly comply with the law provisions on exploitation and use of internet resources when requested by the User.
4. If Newtech’s application has technical problems (due to network errors, hacker attacks, system errors or other problems) cannot operate or is interrupted during the Contract performance period, Newtech may be responsible for running offsets interrupted by these failures to the User.
5. If Newtech’s Website has changes resulting in some content being no longer available, Newtech will replace other content with the same old value for the User.
6. In case Newtech’s Website has to stop working under a decision of a competent authority, Newtech must immediately notify the User for consideration and resolution.

Article 7: Rights and obligations of users:
1. Provide Newtech with full information, documents, images, banner ads (for partners wishing to use Advertising services) on the system through Newtech ID.
2. Be responsible for the right to use and post information and images provided to Newtech to advertise. In case of any information, images, documents are complained or sued by a third party; the User is responsible for resolving and taking all necessary measures to prevent and ensure that Newtech is not affected and damaged by these events.
3. Pay when using services with a fee.
4. If any User’s advertisement in accordance with relevant laws must apply for a license or notify the competent State agency before the date of use, the User is obliged to fully comply completely these procedures before the date of advertising and provide Newtech with the relevant licenses and approvals. In case any advertising content does not meet this requirement and is handled under the decision of a competent state agency, the User must be responsible for solving and compensating Newtech at his own expense. Actual damages were incurred in connection with this incident.
5. Comply with Newtech’s advertising regulations. In case the advertisements submitted by the User to Newtech are not of the correct size and format as prescribed, Newtech will ask the User to re-supply or agree with the User to edit it to conform to the technical requirements and regulations. Newtech advertising.
6. Coordinate with Newtech to solve problems arising in the process of performing advertising services in the spirit of goodwill and respect for each other’s interests.
7. The User has the right to change the advertising content or implementation time, but the User will make changes on the system, the approved advertising content will be suspended until the changed content is approved again.
8. When detecting that the User’s account may no longer be under their control, appropriate means must be used to notify Newtech for processing.
9. On the first working day of each month, the customer is responsible for checking the list of transactions in the previous month as well as the current account balance. If there are any questions with this information, customers must contact Newtech’s customer care department via email of each specific ecosystem service within three working days to resolve. After this time limit, the customer does not contact Newtech; it is considered to have agreed with these data.

Article 8: Termination of service provision
1. Service suspension by Newtech:
Newtech reserves the right to discontinue service for users, including but not limited to the following cases:
-User violates the commitments in this Agreement;
– At the request of a competent authority, or as required by law;
– When there is a request and lawful evidence from a Third Party accusing the User of violating intellectual property, other provisions of the law;
– For Advertising content that causes bad reactions to users, Newtech will provide services immediately and notify Users to change and edit advertising content.
2. Suspension of advertising by User:
In case the User wants to suspend the posting of advertisements, the User will do so on the system to suspend part or all of the service.

Article 9: Information and confidentiality:
1. Newtech may use User’s public Personal Information for customer care purposes, a survey about Newtech products and services, and develop new services and improve services are available to satisfy the wishes and preferences of the User.
2. Newtech may use data to customize and improve to better serve Users. Newtech does not use Users’ information for illegal purposes. Newtech is entitled to provide User’s information to Third Party in the following cases, but not limited to:
-Approved by the User.
– The service provided by Newtech requires interaction with a Third Party or is provided by a Third Party.
– According to the provisions of law.
3. Newtech always strives to meet the data standards in the privacy policy, but Newtech is not obligated to ensure those standards. There may be factors beyond Newtech’s control that lead to data being disclosed. Therefore, Newtech is not responsible for ensuring that the data is always maintained in perfect condition or is not disclosed.
4. All Personal Information of Users will be kept confidential by Newtech and not disclosed. Newtech does not sell or exchange this information with any other Third Party, except as provided in this Agreement.
5. During the use of the product, the User agrees to receive all notifications from Newtech related to products and services via email, postal mail, or phone. In case the User registers to use products and services provided by the Third Party, the User’s information will be shared with the Third Party. The User also agrees to receive all notices from Third Parties regarding products and services via the User’s electronic mail, postal mail, or telephone.
6. Newtech may use user account information to conduct research and trade promotion activities.

Article 10: Intellectual property:
1. All intellectual property rights existing in Newtech’s advertising system belong to Newtech or are legally licensed for Newtech to use; accordingly, all legal rights are guaranteed. Except with Newtech’s express written consent, you may not use, copy, publish, reproduce, transmit or distribute in any way, any component of the Intellectual Property rights. Wisdom in respect of the work uploaded, sent, published, reproduced, transmitted, or distributed in any way.
2. Newtech reserves all rights, including but not limited to copyright, trademark, trade secret, and other proprietary rights in all Newtech products. Use of Newtech’s rights and property requires prior written permission from Newtech. Other than being granted a written license, Newtech does not license in any other way, whether expressly or impliedly, for you to exercise the above rights.

Article 11: Notice:
1. The time of sending a notice is the time when this data message enters Newtech’s information system outside the control of the originator.
2. A Party is deemed to have received a data message if the data message is entered into an information system designated by that person and is accessible.
3. Where before or during the sending of a data message, the originator declares that the data message is valid only when a confirmation message is received, the data message shall be considered as undelivered until the Party has declared that the data message is valid. The originator receives a message from the receiver confirming receipt of the data message.
4. The place of receiving data messages is the head office of the recipient if the recipient is an agency, organization or habitual residence of the recipient if the recipient is an individual.

Article 12: Dispute settlement
1. Any disputes arising in the process of using Newtech’s services will be resolved in accordance with current international and national laws.
2. Any claim arising during the use of the product must be sent to Newtech immediately after the event giving rise to the complaint:
3. Newtech will base on each case to have a suitable solution. However, when exercising the right to make a complaint, the complainant is obliged to provide papers, evidence, and grounds related to the complaint and must take responsibility for the complaint contents, papers, evidence, and grounds provided by us in accordance with the law.
4. Newtech only supports and resolves User’s complaints and denunciations in case you have fully, honestly and accurately recorded information when registering for an account.
5. For disputes between Users, or conflicts with Third Parties, it is possible that Newtech will send contact information to the disputing objects for the parties to resolve themselves, or Newtech will base on the actual situation economy to solve. Accordingly, Newtech will protect the maximum possible rights for legitimate and legitimate Users.
6. The User agrees to defend, indemnify and exclude Newtech from all legal obligations, proceedings, losses, and expenses, including but not limited to court fees, costs of attorneys, and related consultants in connection with the settlement of or arising from the User’s violation during the use of the product.
7. If the dispute is not resolved within ninety (90) days from the date on which one Party notifies the other Party in writing of the arising of the dispute, one of the Parties has the right to refer the matter to the competent authority, Competent in the host country in accordance with international and national laws. The losing Party will have to bear all costs of court proceedings

Article 13: Newtech’s commitments:
1. The User commits that the information that the User provides to Newtech is legal, accurate and truthful. The User shall be solely responsible for the User’s information.
2. The User warrants that the content used by the User does not infringe the patents, trademarks, copyrights or any rights of any third parties. The User is responsible for all costs of any lawsuits, claims, or related damages and indemnifies and holds Newtech from all damages and expenses incurred in connection with its infringing content. User.
3. The User commits that, the User is the owner of a certain account, the information in this account belongs to the User. The User does not perform transactions on this account on behalf of or on behalf of anyone else. The User undertakes that all transactions on this account are performed by the User, and not by anyone else, and the User will be responsible for the transactions on A’s account.

Article 14: Effect of contract agreement
1. The terms specified in these Terms of Use may be updated and modified at any time without prior notice to the User. Newtech will clearly announce on the Website, the forum about those changes and additions.
2. In the event that one or several provisions of these Terms of Use conflict with the provisions of the law and are declared invalid by the Court, that provision will be amended to conform to the current law provisions, operating, and the remainder of the Terms of Use will remain in full force and effect.
3. This Agreement has the same validity as the contract. The User understands that this is an electronic contract; the legal value of an electronic contract cannot be denied just because that contract is expressed in the form of a data message according to the Law on Electronic Transactions. By clicking on the “I agree” button, the User entirely agrees and understands the terms of this Agreement and the Agreement effective from this point on.

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