Frequently questions

1. What is a digitized share?
=> Answer:
– Digitizing shares is a form of shares through Blockchain technology. Here, the total number of shares issued is encrypted by smart algorithms on the Blockchain technology platform called Smart Contract, determined to be fixed and unchanged. Only decrease, not increase.
– Somehow, when users hold a certain percentage of shares compared to the total issuance under the representation of a particular token listed on Blockchain-connected platform systems. The property value is preserved transparently and confidentially without the need for a third party to witness.

2. How do I know that NTC is a limited number of digital shares?
=> Answer: After the release, NTC will be listed on the CoinMarketcap Website. All users and contributors can test the algorithm platform and the smart contract that is publicly announced transparently there.

3. What is NTC Token? Does it have real value?
=> Answer: The NTC token is a digital share issued on the Binance Smart Chain platform. By default, the total amount issued has a permanent limit of 900 billion NTC. When distributed to the holding community, this amount will not change by default.

4. What makes me believe that the Newtech project will thrive in the future?
=> Answer: NewTech are applying Affiliate Marketing to build users and raise capital from the community. A strong online ecosystem has many users and uses the latest technologies. We release 22% digitized shares for free to the community to hold to build user community, expecting to gain at least 200-300 million users for the Ecosystem. At the same time, selling 30% total supply at a discount price to users who want to hold more NTC token, from which we will invest in developing and upgrading features with the latest technology.

5. What do I believe the future NTC will be worth?
=> Answer: You own NTC when the NewTech Ecosystem has few users. After the development process, when users introduce a connection to jointly hold NTC digital shares, it also means that our Ecosystem will develop users quickly, from which the ecosystem value (represented in represented by NTC) will increase rapidly in proportion to the growth of users. After completing the digitization of staking, our Ecosystem already has about 200-300 million users. Ecosystems begin to collect operating fees, NTC is circulated in the Ecosystem for payment and circulates in the entire Ecosystem of the global Blockchain network. Through this way, the Ecosystem will explode rapidly. NTC digitized shares have since grown in value very quickly in the not too distant future.

6. How will the Newtech Ecosystem become the optimal technology platform in the future?
=> Answer: we build users through the form of Affiliate Marketing according to the exponential formula. Thanks to that, we will quickly have a huge number of users to use the Ecosystem. Also through this way, the contribution of investors to the project, 40% of the capital will be used to reinvest continuously to upgrade the Ecosystem.

7. When will NTC digital shares be listed on exchanges?
=> Answer: After completing the three stages of digitizing shares distribution on the Blockchain network, we will now start listing on all Crypto exchanges in turn.

8. How can I effectively refer Newtech users and get more NTC and USDT?
=> Answer: You just need to send the referral link (Affiliate Marketing) to your acquaintances and guide them to register for a verified account, they will receive NTC tokens. If you refer 10 people every week and guide three people like you, after 12 weeks, you will have a user system equivalent to 500,000 people. Through that, you will get a lot of NTC. If your system contributes capital to NTC, you will receive Marketing money in USDT and can withdraw USDT within the same day.

9. Legal nature of the project?
=> Answer:
– The project is developed by an IT team with long experience in technology. The project develops three areas: Social network (Social), E-commerce (Market), Financial Academy (Academy).
– The project is built on the Blockchain digitization platform. Users and capital contributors are entitled to own NTC digitized shares in the correct proportion with the total fixed issue supply unchanged. Shares of users and contributors are guaranteed through a smart contract (Smart Contract) based on the Blockchain platform without the need for a certification contract or a witnessing third party.

10. What is Blockchain? Things to know about Blockchain? How do we apply it?
=> Answer:
a. What is Blockchain?
Blockchain is a distributed digital ledger that is a database in a network. The ledger is shared among the participants in the network. This shows that in the whole system, there is not a single location, a document can serve as a unique authority since duplicate copies of the same ledger version are located at the same location.
All these copies are updated as new data or transactions are written to the Blockchain through the consensus of all participants. Miners are responsible for approving transactions and monitoring the network by solving sophisticated formulas with the help of computers. It is a peer-to-peer system, eliminating all the middlemen, increasing security, transparency and stability as well as reducing costs and human errors.
By allowing digital information to be distributed but not copied, blockchain technology has created the backbone of a new type of Internet.
In their book Blockchain Revolution (2016), Don & Alex Tapscott stated that: “Blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions, which can be programmed to record not only those financial transactions that can record everything of value”.
b. How does Blockchain work?
Blockchain technology is perhaps the best invention from the Internet itself. It allows the exchange of value without trust or proof. For example, imagine you and I bet $50 on tomorrow’s weather in New York. I bet it will be sunny, you choose rain. And we have three options to make this transaction:
– We can trust each other. The loser will pay $50 to the winner. However, whether friends or strangers are not enough guarantees for this transaction.
– We can turn the bet into a contract. However, if either person decides not to pay, the winner will have to pay extra to cover legal costs and the judgment can take a long time. Especially with a small amount of money, this does not seem to be the optimal way to secure a transaction.
– We can rely on a neutral third party. Each of us gives $50 to a third person, she gives the total to the winner. But, she can also run away with all the money.
=> Trusts, contracts and assigning to a third party are not the optimal solution. Blockchain technology was born to give us a third solution. However, there is no escape here. It’s called “Smart Contract”, it responds to the types of human contracts at present and is as common as internet users in the future. Including “Confirming share ownership without any paperwork as we are applying”. You can learn more about Blockchain technology on many other sources.

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