The project was co-founded by an IT team with members including Canadians, Australians, British and Singapores,…NewTech is a great big platform with 5-in-1 ecosystem, including E-Commerce, Social Networking, Financial Academy, Digital Exchange and NFT Gaming. Applying the latest technology platforms: Blockchain, Cloud computing, AI, etc… to solve the problems of decentralized database transmission, data security, connecting users across the blockchain. Currently, the project has launched and put into operation the first four ecosystems, including:


  1.  Newtech Center: A distributed center to digitize user shares via Blockchain token (NTC). After completing the staking digitization phases, it will be upgraded to a Decentralized exchange. Here users can exchange and trade thousands of digital assets such as BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT,… (including NTC).


  1.  Newtech Social (Decentralized Social Network): In addition to bringing most of the features of existing social networks. Social’s goal is to solve user data security issues by applying Blockchain technology. The dilemma that social network users face today is whether data is stolen or not controlled. Newtech Social is also the first social network globally that allows users to hold project shares (NTC) by regular activities such as Post status, like, share, comment, etc…


  1.  Newtech Market: In addition to the standard features that popular e-commerce platforms are developing. Newtech Market is a multi-functional combination that helps users shop for all products and services or quickly search for any location easily,…Businesses and store owners can sell goods or services and post or promote business information, administrative units, tourist attractions and all services… The market also allows users to hold NTC when posting the first official Stores throughout the stages of digitization of shares.


  1.  Newtech Academy (Online financial students): A place that provides users with all knowledge about financial investment areas. Academy is also the most complete, fast and accurate global financial news update site. Here, users can also mine NTC digital shares by registering for a Contributor account to write articles and post quality videos approved by the administration.


  1.  Newtech Game: The Play to Earn game platform will be launched after completing the second share sale. With attractive games, users can receive NTC as an in-game reward. This token can be used to upgrade or equip equipment in the game or use in other ecosystems, especially Especially tokens collected from the game can also be sold on exchanges and withdrawn for cash.


The combination of Blockchain application ecosystems will create a closed process that meets almost all user needs all in a single App. Provide the best user experience.