Guide to Mining NTC

How to mine NTC?
In addition to contributing capital to buy and hold NTC digital shares, users can mine NTC for free in the following ways:
Method 1: Register an account at the Newtech Center page “here” to become a Newtech ecosystem user. After performing verification of the main account, the owner will receive 500NTC. (* Disclaimer: Any attempt to spoof a user’s account will result in a permanent account lockout).
Method 2: Use the referral link (Affiliate Marketing) to send your friends to register and verify the main account to use the Newtech ecosystem; you will receive 20% of the number of NTC new users who are given incentives. Also when F1 users develop more F2 users, you will get 20% of F1 users’ NTC earnings mined through user referrals. Through this form of marketing, it is expected that the Newtech ecosystem will explode with users quickly.
Method 3: Regular interaction on social networks Newtech Social will receive NTC. Specifically:
– Posting status will receive 5 NTC (limited to 5 posts per account per day);
– Commenting on status posts will get 2 NTC (limited to 10 comments per day only);
– Interacting with the status buttons will receive 1NTC (Limited to only receiving NTC at 20 status button presses);
Method 4: Create a Booth / Location of products/services / Agencies, … real at Newtech Market when censored by the Administrator will receive 1000NTC (* Note: Each account can only receive one time; Any attempt to create a virtual store when detected will result in a permanent account suspension).
Method 5: Users log in to the Contributor area to write articles at Newtech Academy and write standard SEO articles in English. If the article is quality and approved by the Administrator, you will receive 1000NTC.
Users can start registering for an account and mining NTC here.
*Note: The maximum amount of free NTC for the entire user development is 200 billion NTC. After the user has exhausted this amount of free NTC. The NTC donation policy will be closed.